From CRM strategy and consultation to comprehensive marketing and CAN-SPAM audits, CRM Concepts develops world-class, customer-facing practices based on insights and actions that drive ROI. 

The goal is to provide customers with the answers they need when them need them, so our team builds comprehensive, lead-nurturing solutions that drive higher conversions with shorter sales cycles. Our experience across industries with major CRM and ESP providers includes Bronto, Exact Target, Marketo, Responsys, SalesForce, and more.
CRM Strategy
How are you investing in your prospects and customers? Oftentimes companies spend the majority of their time and money driving new prospects into the funnel, then let them leak out before ever reaching the bottom. Do you know how many of those who visit your site “raise their hand” and ask you for information? Are you providing them the right opportunities to engage, and once they do engage, what happens?

We can help you answer all of these questions, and more. We provide an overall framework that allows you to engage more effectively from the top of the funnel to the bottom, including how and when your sales team interacts. Should you need a new system or tools to be more effective, we can help you evaluate and implement a CRM system that fits your unique needs.
Need a strategic approach to marketing? Let us serve as your in-house CMO, without the cost of hiring a full-time employee. We can help you deploy the most effective marketing systems, performance metrics and tools in a way that produces a return on investment for all your marketing and sales efforts.

We can work together on a short-term basis to strategize marketing mix and set up annual budgets and plans, or on a long-term basis to ensure your team remains focused and effective. Either way, we will develop insights and strategies that move customers into action.
Email Strategy
Many people don’t think of email marketing as a strategy, but we consider it one of the most powerful and effective components in our marketing toolkit. Let us help you leverage this valuable tool to provide award-winning service to your customers and grow your business.
CRM System Evaluation
Did you know there are 360 CRM systems available in the marketplace? Salesforce is responsible for one-third of the total CRM business. However, there are many other systems to consider, including industry-specific systems and ones designed for smaller companies with modest budgets. Given your current infrastructure, needs, growth trajectory and budget, CRM Concepts will help identify a system that’s perfect today, but scalable enough to change with your growing business.
Did you know that you could be fined $16,000 for each instance of email that violates CAN-SPAM laws?  Our audit will ensure that your company is optimizing email and serving prospects and customers, while avoiding common pitfalls that lead to costly fines.

The first step includes a compliance review of current offline and online practices. We’ll recommend more effective email strategies, as well as provide tips for optimizing performance and developing the proper metrics and key performance measures for staying on top of this valuable marketing channel.
CRM System Set Up
We pick up where most CRMs leave off. Not only do we help with administrative build-out, we also help you strategically decide what you can and should do, and where to focus.

Once a CRM system is selected and contracted, the fun begins! We’ll work directly with you and your CRM partner to configure to the system in a way that meets your company’s needs. We’ll also help you make key decisions—including administrators, user rights and access, the overall look, content, templates and processes, dashboards and reports—that have you up-and-running quickly and efficiently.